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What we do at PrideRock

, What we do at PrideRock
, What we do at PrideRock

PrideRock Wildlife Refuge staff, volunteers and interns perform a variety of tasks everyday. Caring for more than two dozen tigers, lions, cougars, bears and wolves is not an easy chore. First that probably comes to your mind is feeding the animals and cleaning their enclosures. And those are the first chores to be done on the daily list. But we also do much more. After the feeding and cleaning, our “to do” list is filled with such things as mowing, raking leaves and landscaping, and cleaning feed dishes and setting meals out for the next day. Maintenance and repair of equipment, structures and tools are also ongoing tasks. Each animals also receives enrichment or something for them to play with such as cardboard boxes, paper bags, pools and large plastic containers. Many volunteers also enjoy sending out thank you cards, posting on social media sites and talking to visitors at expos and special events. At PrideRock, no day is boring or routine. On Memorial Day, lots of action took place at the sanctuary including tree trimming, landscaping at the bear den, repairing a big cat hammock and putting up new dog runs. Internships are also available for individuals who are 19 years of age, have 2 years of college study in a related field such as zoology, biology or wildlife management or 1 year work experience, and are in good physical condition and health, and able to lift at least 50 pounds. On-site housing is available. Internships are offered winter, spring, summer and fall terms. If you love animals, enjoy helping wildlife species and working outside, PrideRock may be just the place for you. To apply for a volunteer or internship position, go to, click on Opportunies, select volunteer or internship, and fill out the application. Someone will contact you soon afterward. For more information, email

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