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Vehicles 4 Charity

, Vehicles 4 Charity
, Vehicles 4 Charity

Got a vehicle you don’t drive anymore? Maybe it doesn’t start, is missing parts or your family of three doesn’t need five cars. If so, please think about donating your vehicle to PrideRock Wildlife Refuge. From junk cars and cars in good condition to your first car and the soccer mom van, we’ll take anything.
Go to ​, fill out the short form and hit the submit button. It’s that easy.

Information you will need about the vehicle you are donating?

  • mileage
  • condition
  • name on title
  • certificate of title number
  • location
  • year, make and model
  • color
  • is it driveable
  • does it start

PrideRock’s wildlife greatly appreciates your donations. For more information, contact Carol Holliman at214-802-6798. Thank you.

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