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Thoughts from Nia

, Thoughts from Nia
, Thoughts from Nia

Raw’z. Raw’z. Raw’z. My name is Nia and I live with my sisters Nallah, and Nikki. I’m a white tiger, and Nallah and Nikki are orange. We all have stripes and very big paws and fangs like other tigers. We live at PrideRock Wildlife Refuge in Terrell because our owners didn’t want us. Then PrideRock found us and took us in. We have a great life now.

The PrideRock staff calls us The “N” sisters because we all have names that start with the letter N. They also let us swim in a giant waterfall pool and sometimes we even take bubble baths. Yeah, we love the bubbles but sometimes the bubbles go up our noses. That really doesn’t feel very good but after our bath, we smell pretty like lavender or roses.

Our favorite time of day is breakfast. No, we don’t eat eggs and bacon or even pancakes but we do eat lots of raw meat, about 15 pounds of it to be exact. Sometimes we get ground beef or steak or chicken. And we don’t even have to ask “Where’s the beef?” like that lady on the commercial. Actually, I’ve never seen the commercial but I’ve all heard about it.

Anyway, we sisters also like enrichment time because that is when we get different things to play with. Sometimes we get to tear up boxes or a watermelon, and sometimes we play with a ball in the water. I like bobbing it up and down in the water and then trying to get it out without using my big strong teeth. It can be quite a challenge especially if Nallah and Nikki want to play with it at the same time I do. But we are sisters so we sometimes squabble but eventually end up sharing.

, Thoughts from Nia

After we play, we nap. Tigers nap a lot for several hours. Maybe even up to 20 hours a day. I like to sleep on top of the den. Nallah and Nikki like to sleep inside the den. And sometimes we all cram in there together, like in the old days when five people had to sleep in one bed.

I better go. Nikki and Nallah are enjoying the pool. They don’t like to blog so I said I would do it. Next time I will tell you about how you can tell the three of us apart, well besides me being white, I mean.
Hasta luego (I really don’t speak Spanish, just tiger.) Raw’z is hello and goodbye for us tigers.

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