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“The only way for me to describe PrideRock is complete serenity and peace…It is breath taking from the moment I pull onto the property. Truly, good for my soul and hands down one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. One of my longest best friends (with permission from Carol) gave me the opportunity to volunteer and clean enclosures (aka scoop poop) and join her for enrichment. I have been back to volunteer every week since. I was told there will be my “favorites” and “they will choose you”; all true and Diego (Baby D-Lion) and Toro (the “shy” black bear) have stolen my heart. I love them all in their mighty greatness and will continue too, as often as possible and allowed. Grateful, honored and humble.”

Kelly Moore, volunteer, April 2016

Lions and Tigers

Big Mike


Big Mike’s name came about due to the fact he weighs approximately 700 pounds. This big guy was rescued Sept. 4, 2016, because he was being aggressive toward his owner, but he is now adjusting to his new surroundings. PrideRock staff members have already fallen in love with him. Big Mike is 11 years old.

To see Big Mike’s gorgeous paintings, go to the Shop page.

Duna and Ellie Mae


Duna and Ellie Mae arrived at PrideRock in Spring of 2017. They came from a friend that needed to downsize their facility.  We love these two love birds and are very excited to have them here at PrideRock!



Tarzan arrived with his brother Masala to PrideRock in Spring of 2017. They came from a friend that needed to downsize their facility. Tarzan and Masala were twin brothers that have always been together, and we sadly lost Masala due to cancer in 2023. Tarzan is a rambunctious and loving tiger. He is always happy to see his caretakers and we love having him at PrideRock.



Rome came to us in September 2023 after being removed from an unfit owner in East Dallas. 

He just turned two and is a very sweet boy full of chuffs and lots of face rubs. However, while he is VERY friendly around our staff, he is a bit nervous around the other cats and is still taking his time getting used to the morning bellowing that happens daily at PrideRock. 

We can’t wait to share Rome with you as he now has a place to call his forever home. 

Helena And Diego


Helena the hyena and Diego the lion arrived together at PrideRock in 2016 from a private facility in East Texas. The owner had died few years earlier and his mother was caring for these two and could no longer continue to do so. We had the space for both of them, and of course, had much experience with lions, but had never had a hyena before. Helena has been a new experience for us, but we have really enjoyed getting to know her and learn about her species. They are very interesting animals and while it has taken her some time to adapt, she seems to be enjoying her new home and all the attention she is getting. Diego is a handsome boy and everyone adores him. We are thrilled to have these two residents at PrideRock!

See Helena and Diego’s amazing paintings, see the Shop page.



Elijah is one of our sweetest and biggest tigers. He was still on the bottle when we got him and we kept him on it until he started wanting to play with the bottle more than drink the milk. He was huge as a baby and we knew he would one day be one of the biggest boy we have and he has proved us right. He is a handsome boy to say the least with a wonderful temperament.

To see Elijah’s paintings, see the Shop page



Kyndl came to us in June 2018 as a young cub. He’s grown up fast, but is definitely still our most playful resident at the refuge. We can always count on his silly personality to brighten our day. Having Kyndl join us at PrideRock has definitely warmed our hearts!



Rajah was formerly in a circus located in Hugo, Oklahoma, and was picked up with Java (who we lost in 2023) at the age of 9 in 2015.

Rajah settled in right away and is very sweet and full of chuffs.

Nia, Niki, and Nallah


Lovingly known as the “N Sisters,” these three girls came to us several years ago from a breeder who used them in shows as cubs. Nia is white with blue eyes and all three are very sweet and love attention.

To see the N sisters’ tremendous paintings, go to the Shop page.



Kumal came to us with his buddy Bagherra from a friend who uses cats in the entertainment business and offered them to us when we had some extra room after losing two of ours to cancer. Sadly, Bagherra passed away in 2021.

Kumal is a beautiful white tiger with piercing blue eyes. He likes to take long baths and is enjoying his time at PrideRock.

Willow and Sasha


These girls came to us a few years ago along with their sister Katie. They are absolutely adorable and full of energy and spunk. They have brought us endless joy with their chuffs and need for attention and seem to love everyone that comes near them. We are so blessed to have them in our lives.



Meet Waylon! A 13-year-old tiger that was living on a private-ranch near San Antonio. The owners were selling their property and Waylon needed a forever home. This big boy had a nice and large enclosure on the ranch and thanks to donor support, is now calling one of our newly built enclosures his home. 

He’s neighboring Duna and Ellie Mae and Tarzan and Masala, who are all very curious about their new neighbor. Needless to say, Waylon is ALL tiger and has been letting our staff know who is boss with loud chuffs and growls. We can’t wait to get to know this boy better. Stay tuned for more updates on Waylon! 

Small Cats and Bears



Sweet Kenna is 6 years old and came to PrideRock in October of 2020. Prior to coming to us, Kenna was hit by a car as a kitten and was rehabilitated by a licensed rehab facility. Kenna suffers from some brain damage due to her injury but overall is a mellow girl.

She’s definitely shy and needs her space, which is why we’re so happy that PrideRock can offer that to her. We’re thrilled that we can give Kenna a quiet and peaceful place to live out the rest of her life.

Ed, Shenzi and Banzai


In September 2023, we got a call from the Houston SPCA that let us know they rescued 3 female Asian Leopard Cats from a breeding / hoarding circumstance. 

Our team made the quick trip down to Houston and returned with these beautiful girls. Meet  Ed (9-years-old),  Shenzi and Banzai (both 4-years-old.) The names might sound familiar. Any guesses? 😼

We have kept the girls all together and they are still acclimating. Like any wild kitty, they are very vocal. Believe us when we say, you know how they’re feeling. Lots of hissing and sass is felt from this trio, but that is to be expected in a time of transition, not to mention, the nature of their breed. They are nocturnal, so they tend to be more active at night, which we’ve caught a lot of activity on their kitty cam. 

All that to say, we look forward to getting to know them and provide them with the best life possible. Stay tuned for more updates. 

Rowdy and Coco


Rowdy and Coco are 2 black bears that were recently received from another facility. They all have different personalities. They are big, beautiful and sweet fur balls and are adjusting to their new life at PrideRock nicely.

To see Rowdy and Coco’s amazing paintings, go to the Shop page.



In November 2021, Bruce came to PrideRock after being passed along to several different owners who weren’t able to care for a wild animal. Bruce is both neutered and declawed, so unfortunately, releasing him into the wild was not an option. 

We estimate that he was somewhere around 6-8 months when he came to us. He is absolutely adorable and has a rambunctious personality. Bruce has already adapted well to his new surroundings and neighbors, Kenna and Babu.



Timber is a young black bear that hails from Louisiana. After spending his youth dumpster diving and picnic scavenging, he needed to find a permanent place to call home. In September 2019, we were thrilled to welcome this sweet fluffy boy to PrideRock.

Our Bobcat Clowder


In March 2022, we welcomed a clowder of bobcats to PrideRock. Six new residents to be exact. These little guys were living at a rehab facility here in Terrell, and unfortunately their caretaker was dealing with health issues that ultimately caused her to have to close down shop.

These little ones are slowly making progress and becoming comfortable with their new surroundings.

Iliad tends to be the boss of the group and is very protective.  Glory, Miko and Eliza are more on the shy side and like to remain nestled in the hay most of the day.And as for Pixie, she is happy as can be and loves the attention from our staff and volunteers.

Sadly, we lost Hunter (one of the six) in June.

Wolf Dogs and Foxes

Our Pack


At PrideRock we’ve had the pleasure of rescuing several wolf-dogs. Currently, Bear, Loka, Pearl, Tron, and Bree call our sanctuary home. We love these beautiful animals!

Daisy Mae


In 2023, we welcomed our FIRST FOX to PrideRock!

Meet Daisy Mae. She is a 5-year-old Gray Fox that came to us after the animal rescue she was raised in shut down.

Daisy Mae is a people person and cannot get enough love from her caretakers. She loves her menu of chicken, fruit, cheese and eggs and loves to play with the rope toys in her enclosure. If she’s not playing, seeking attention or eating, you can find this sweet girl taking long naps in her hammock or any other place that is high up and hidden.

Things Daisy Mae doesn’t like: baths.

In memory of those we have lost…

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