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Rescued Wolf Experiences A Chain-Free Habitat For The First Time In 5 Years

, Rescued Wolf Experiences A Chain-Free Habitat For The First Time In 5 Years

TERRELL, TX – November 20, 2019PrideRock Wildlife Refuge, a permanent sanctuary, and shelter for mistreated and unwanted animals, rescued a female wolf named Pearl that had been tied to a chain her whole life.

Pearl, who is half arctic and half timber wolf, came to PrideRock from North Texas, While the owner tried to care for Pearl, he didn’t have the resources to give her the exercise and healthcare she needed.

“Unfortunately, we see this happen a lot with people who own wild animals. You quickly learn that the responsibility for the health and well-being of an exotic animal can be more than the average individual expects, plans for, or can afford,” said Carol Holliman, Vice President of PrideRock. “In Pearl’s case, we can give her a life off a chain, room to roam, a warm place to sleep, a diet that is good for her and companionship. And we also hope she will feel the love we have to share with her.”

Holliman has already observed the five-year-old wolf interacting with her canine neighbors as she runs the fence getting to know them. Prior to Pearl’s arrival, PrideRock has housed many wolf-hybrids over the years and are well equipped to give her a loving home.

“We took on Pearl because wolves have always been my passion – soulful, spiritual, loyal and loving animals.  With some rearranging of existing residents, we were able to make room for her,” said Holliman. “Wolves are so misunderstood and not big and bad as we have been brought up to think.  We are thrilled to be able to provide a loving environment to any that we can.”

To help with the care for the well-being of PrideRock’s animals such as Pearl, the non-profit is always in need of volunteers and donations. To donate, click here.

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