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PrideRock in the news

, PrideRock in the news

PrideRock tiger Kashmir cools off in a tub of water. The photo landed itself on the Dog Days of Summer on Channel 5 NBCDFW August 3. This fantastic photo was taken by amateur photographer and PrideRock volunteer Annette Creekmore.

, PrideRock in the news
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Did you know PrideRock Wildlife Refuge is often in the news? PRWR and its staff, interns and volunteers have been on TV, in the newspaper and featured in many magazines and Internet sites. The sanctuary has so many interesting and unusual events happening, that many media sources want to spread the word about what we do here. Our Operations Manager Corey Allison has been featured on several videos and just this month, PRWR’s white tiger Nia was on Animal ER on the Nat Geo WILD channel and Teel Time’s Teel Lunsford was on-site filming for her YouTube channel and Internet site PrideRock has also been featured in the Terrell Tribune, Terrell Living, The Monitor of Cedar Creek Lake, the Terrell Tribune Update, Kaufman County Life and Neighbors, a Dallang News Morning News publication, to name just a few.

And during all the hot weather, Kashmir found himself included in the photos for Dog Days of Summer while soaking in his water tub with his eyes closed.
If you would like to read past articles about PrideRock, go to our In The News page. And stay tuned, because you never know when PrideRock will be in the news again.

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