Our Mission

“Carol and crew are absolutely amazing! The love and concern that they provide each one of their fur babies, is stupendous! Love this place and these folks!”
MammaTiger, member of the general public, May 2016

“PrideRock hasn’t been an easy journey, but worth every obstacle and loss, and realizing our purpose has touched us in ways that we could previously only imagine,” Carol and Gary Holliman, PrideRock owners.

Big cats were never intended to be pets, as that term is commonly used, and often attempting that endeavor ends in tragedy for either the owner, the cat, or both.

The PrideRock mission is to prevent cruelty to animals by keeping a solemn promise we make to each animal that is accepted, that this will be their final and permanent home for the remainder of their lives. A commitment that has long term economic and personal implications. Then as part of the mission, PrideRock Wildlife Refuge creates species-appropriate enclosures with enrichment and recreational areas for its residents, with each animal being given specific diets and nutritional provisions as well as veterinary care. This enables PrideRock to provide many educational opportunities for the public, such as year-round internships for college students, a platform for the implementation of projects by groups such as the Boy Scouts, Wildlife Society members, and volunteers in general who spread the word about the plight of exotic animals in captivity.

Why We Are Here

This is how it all began….When Carol and Gary Holliman moved from Carrollton to Terrell in 1992, they brought with them a wolf-dog hybrid. The built ad enclosure and Carol decided she wanted a lion. After the enclosure was built for the lion, the Holliman’s named their property Pride (of lions) & Pack (of wolves). A donor from New York adopted an animal but said he didn’t like the name because it didn’t convey what the organization did. The donor said he would donate $10,000 to the organization but they had to change their name. Carol and Gary wanted to keep the word “Pride” in the name and liked The Lion King movie with all the animal on a rock. So in 1998, Pride & Pack was changed to PrideRock Wildlife Refuge.

It started as a passion to have a big cat in my world because of my fascination with lions and tigers at zoos as a child, but through the years it has quickly became apparent that if there were any reservations about raising wild animals, they simply didn’t matter as I have come to realize that their survival now depends on facilities like PrideRock and it is an honor to provide that for them.

Sadly, years back, our first big cat, a lion named Gabe, was found through an ad in the Dallas Morning News with a price tag lower than a lot of pure bred puppies. Statistics will show that the exotic animal trade is second only to the drug trade with billions of dollars exchanged and the motive being profit. The cats pay the price being contained in filthy conditions and not properly fed with no vet care.
With much needed legislation constantly changing and greater control being brought to an unregulated practice of breeding, buying and selling these wild animals as pets that will likely be confiscated or abandoned, it will then become necessary to make certain that facilities like PrideRock exist to provide the life-long care and existence that these magnificent creatures deserve and need.

There are also a growing number of people that buy these cats as cubs never thinking of the size they become or the commitment and responsibilities involved with ownership. It is a lifelong dedication that comes with hours of hard work and expense.
My husband Gary and I have strived to do the best we can throughout our 20 plus year life with them, and have sacrificed in many ways to make sure they have had the best possible life. It is our prayer and hope that we can continue this dream that was started with a lion named Gabe that left a legacy of love and taught me so much about life, love, people and that dreams really do come true. It has been an honor and that’s why we are here.