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Our Mission

“Carol and crew are absolutely amazing! The love and concern that they provide each one of their fur babies, is stupendous! Love this place and these folks!”
MammaTiger, member of the general public, May 2016

, Our Mission

“PrideRock hasn’t been an easy journey, but worth every obstacle and loss, and realizing our purpose has touched us in ways that we could previously only imagine,” Carol and Gary Holliman, PrideRock owners.


PrideRock’s mission is to aid in the prevention of animal cruelty. Each accepted animal is given our solemn promise to be safe and cared for during the remainder of their lives. Big cats, bears, and other exotic wildlife were never intended to be kept as pets. This often leads to a tragic end for the animal, the owner, or both.

Accomplishing our mission requires creating enclosures for each species of animal present.  Each enclosure includes recreational and enrichment areas to help maintain the activity requirements for the health of the individual species. Each animal receives species-specific diets and nutritional supplements as needed. Veterinary care is available, and we spare no expense to provide anything possible for their well-being.

We also provide educational opportunities for the public through different programs. Internships, group projects, volunteering are some offered. These opportunities help spread the word of why we exist.

Why We Are Here

This is how it all began….When Carol and Gary Holliman moved from Carrollton to Terrell in 1992, they brought with them a wolf-dog hybrid. They built an enclosure and Carol decided she wanted a lion. After the enclosure was built for the lion, the Holliman’s named their property Pride (of lions) & Pack (of wolves). A donor from New York adopted an animal but said he didn’t like the name because it didn’t convey what the organization did. The donor said he would donate $10,000 to the organization but they had to change their name. Carol and Gary wanted to keep the word “Pride” in the name.  They liked “The Lion King” movie with all the animals gathering at the rock. So in 1998, Pride & Pack was changed to PrideRock Wildlife Refuge.

It started as a passion to have a big cat in my world because of my fascination with lions and tigers I  had seen at zoos as a child. Through the years, it quickly became apparent that raising wild animals would be a part of my life. Reservations concerning this endeavor didn’t matter.  It was beginning and would not be stopped.  As it grew, so did the understanding of how facilities like PrideRock are needed for the animals survival.  It is our honor to provide that for them.

Our first big cat was a lion named Gabe.  We found him through an ad in the Dallas Morning News, with a price tag lower than a lot of purebred puppies. This was only the beginning.  As we grew, we discovered that the trade of exotic animals is very lucrative. It is second only to drug trafficking in terms of money made illegally. Usually, the animals life is filled with filth, poor food quality, and no veterinary care. This often leads to abandonment or confiscation, which would often lead to euthanization.

Legislation has been changing over the years to control this exotic animal trafficking activity.Regulating this practice makes it necessary for facilities like PrideRock to exist. This is why we have dedicated our life and our passion to providing the life-long care that these magnificent creatures deserve and need.

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