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PrideRock Wildlife Refuge is GFAS Verified!

After years of hard work PrideRock Wildlife Refuge has been GFAS verified! The Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries (GFAS) has deemed the PrideRock Wildlife Refuge meets all of the requirements for verification, and is a true sanctuary. To read the press release, click the link below!  

In Remembrance of Cleo

Last week we lost a queen. Cleo, our beloved lioness passed away at the age of 18 during an operation to remove a tumor that had formed on her side. We are shocked, saddened, and will miss her more than words can possibly describe. She was so special, and this [...]
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Forward Motion at PrideRock

It is an exciting time out at PrideRock Wildlife Refuge. Animals and employees alike are privy to the feeling that a bountiful amount of progress and improvement is just over the horizon. It’s expansion time at PrideRock Wildlife Refuge, and there is nowhere to go but forward. The bear barn [...]
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The Mark Hardin Memorial Air Race May 27, 2017 TERRELL, TX-KTRL

Plan your Memorial Day weekend to include the Mark Hardin Memorial Air Race. For the seventh year Sport League cross country air racing is coming to Terrell Municipal Airport, Terrell, Texas. In 2015 the event was renamed to honor Mark Hardin. The 2017 Mark Hardin Memorial Air Race will be [...]
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Animal Communications Workshop held at PrideRock

Andrea explains about the animals mind, Chakras, remote healing and wellness basics. According to, Andrea Sobotka, affectionately known as “Critter Doc,” connects with animals on all realms for wellness and understanding. Andrea provides holistic healing, wellness, and a voice between you and your beloved pets. [...]
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Top 10 Things about PrideRock Wildlife Refuge

Top 10 Things about PrideRock Wildlife Refuge (in no particular order) the animals the people-owners, staff, volunteers, interns, board members the care and attention the animal receive beautiful landscaping quiet, peaceful, serene atmosphere private facility-it is not a zoo or exhibit but a true sanctuary has received many awards and [...]
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Barbary Lions

PrideRock's most beloved lion, Leo, is believed to be of Barbary lion descent. Barbary lions have been considered extinct in the wild since about the mid-1960s. One of the most prominent characteristics of the Barbary lion is the very dark and long-haired mane which extend over [...]
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PrideRock Wildlife Refuge’s white tiger, Nia, was on TV!

If you missed Animal ER on Nat Geo Wild Sept. 10, click on the link below. Nia had an emergency laparoscopic hysterectomy at Gulf Coast Veterinary Clinic. This episode is available on-demand to customers of participating TV providers.

Bears Explore new digs at PrideRock, The Terrell Tribune, Sept. 24, 2016

By Gary E. Lindsley Wednesday was a special day for Coco, Rowdy and Toro at PrideRock Wildlife Refuge. Each was getting a pool, tunnel and logs and other items to climb on and explore. Each was leaving the confines, for the first time in their lives, of a concrete enclosure, [...]
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PrideRock Wildlife Refuge makes 2016 Great Non-Profits Top-Rated Organizations