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What Do Big Cats Eat?

This week we ask ourselves, “What do big cats do as far as their diet goes?”, as we go behind the scenes to see what’s involved. It’s no easy task feeding a big cat, but there’s dedicated hard-working staff and volunteers to help, and the animals are taken care of [...]
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Meet Helena and Diego: How Unwanted Animals End Up At PrideRock

By far, private owners surrendering their exotic wild animals, in our case big cats, is the number one cause of animals needing homes in sanctuaries. Often times, the animals are purchased as cute cubs and are not able to be cared for when they grow into powerful and dangerous adults. [...]
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New Year, Big Ambitions

It's officially 2018 and we hope that everyone had a safe and exciting Holiday Season! This is a time of resolutions and reflections, and we are not immune to the feeling of hope and excitement that is abundant in this time of year. At PrideRock, we take care of over 30 [...]
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Getting in the Christmas Spirit

Even though PrideRock is not open to the public, Christmas cheer can be found all over the sanctuary. Wreathes, bows, signs, and lights have adorned enclosures and trees, and the animals happily watch this all appear. This tradition of decorating is a time of hope and thankfulness at PrideRock. While [...]
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Fall at PrideRock

Leaves are falling like gentle rain at PrideRock Wildlife Refuge, and the Texas heat has lessened to lovely crisp days. Winter is not far away. The animals are very rambunctious and happy about the weather change, and the golden autumn light highlights their already spectacular beauty. Thanksgiving has come and [...]
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PrideRock Wildlife Refuge is GFAS Verified!

After years of hard work PrideRock Wildlife Refuge has been GFAS verified! The Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries (GFAS) has deemed the PrideRock Wildlife Refuge meets all of the requirements for verification, and is a true sanctuary. To read the press release, click the link below!  

In Remembrance of Cleo

Last week we lost a queen. Cleo, our beloved lioness passed away at the age of 18 during an operation to remove a tumor that had formed on her side. We are shocked, saddened, and will miss her more than words can possibly describe. She was so special, and this [...]
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Forward Motion at PrideRock

It is an exciting time out at PrideRock Wildlife Refuge. Animals and employees alike are privy to the feeling that a bountiful amount of progress and improvement is just over the horizon. It’s expansion time at PrideRock Wildlife Refuge, and there is nowhere to go but forward. The bear barn [...]
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The Mark Hardin Memorial Air Race May 27, 2017 TERRELL, TX-KTRL

Plan your Memorial Day weekend to include the Mark Hardin Memorial Air Race. For the seventh year Sport League cross country air racing is coming to Terrell Municipal Airport, Terrell, Texas. In 2015 the event was renamed to honor Mark Hardin. The 2017 Mark Hardin Memorial Air Race will be [...]
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Animal Communications Workshop held at PrideRock

Andrea explains about the animals mind, Chakras, remote healing and wellness basics. According to, Andrea Sobotka, affectionately known as “Critter Doc,” connects with animals on all realms for wellness and understanding. Andrea provides holistic healing, wellness, and a voice between you and your beloved pets. [...]
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