PrideRock Wildlife Refuge lost its 28 year old mama lioness Dec. 14, 2016. She was the mother of Allie and Ruby. Mia lived with Keisha and they spent many hours together lazing in sun, or on their platform. Keisha has been in her den all day since Mia died. Animals grieve too.

Jamu and Kashmir (left to right) were brothers. They spent many days and night by each others’ side. They sometimes argued, like brothers do, but shared ther lives together. Jamu passed over the rainbow Dec. 16.
He was known as our little “conehead” due to the permanent bump on the top of his head. Kash is now alone at PrideRock and our staff and volunteers will do everything to help him through losing his brother. Jamu was 16 years old.

Golden was one of three Exxon Mobile tigers who arrived at PrideRock in 2004.
Golden died January 10 from unknows causes. She arrived with her sisters, Mia and Kelly, who preceded her in death from cancer. She was probably close to 20 years old.



Cherokee, or Cherry, was a special cougar. She didn’t particularly care for women but bonded immediately with our Operations Manager, Corey. Cherry died peacefully in her sleep March 18. She was 23 years old.


Tiggy arrived in 2013 with Tony from a resort in West Virginia. The two stayed together for the remainder of Tiggy’s life, and after getting used to their new surroundings they settled in happily in their new home. Tiggy passed on April 17th, 2017 at the age of 17.


This big, beautiful boy was with us many years and had quite a story. Some friends had to move him along with all their other exotic cats quickly because of a motorcycle gang that was threatening their safety. Prior to living with them, he had spent the first years of his life in a dark basement not ever knowing what daylight was. Needless to say, we were happy to take him and give him the best possible life with lots of room and plenty of sunshine. He brought us tons of joy through the years, and passed on April 24th, 2017 at the ripe age of 20.


This spectacular lioness crossed over the rainbow bridge in August of 2017. She spent her life with her mate Leo, whom she loved and looked after every day. She could often be found cleaning Leo’s face and showering him with affection. She and Leo came to us from the same location as Tony and Tiggy, and we feel so blessed to have given her a loving home in her later years. She passed at the age of 18, and we and Leo will miss her terribly.