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Bagherra came to us with Kumal about 10 years ago after their time working in the entertainment business. Bagherra was a sweet boy with a fun personality. We’re thankful he was able to live out the rest of his life in a relaxed environment, which was well-deserved. 

Unfortunately, in February of 2021, Bagherra suffered a stroke and crossed the rainbow bridge. While he lived a very long life for a Tiger at 20-years-old, it’s never easy to say goodbye to our fur babies.  RIP sweet boy. 



In February, we lost our fierce lioness, Keisha. This has been a hard loss to swallow, especially because we welcomed Keisha as a cub 30 years ago. Keisha lived a good, long life for a lion. (Outside of captivity lions live 10-14 years.) However, it doesn’t make it easy to lose one of your fur babies. Keisha was our “little tank” because she was so strong and stout. She made her presence known and it was very apparent that Keisha was the boss here at PrideRock. We will miss you, Keisha, but hope that you are living your best life across the rainbow bridge.




Katie came to us with her sisters Willow and Sasha. She passed away in February of 2020 due to heart complications and we were completely heartbroken. Katie was a sweet girl that brought us endless joy and we miss her energetic personality daily.



Zoe was truly a favorite at PrideRock. She came to us 13 years ago when she was 2-years-old from a family in South Texas.  If you walked by her enclosure, she’d always come out of her shelter to greet you and purr. Imagine a large house cat that craves attention and that’s what you got with her. There was not a mean bone in her body which made it even harder to have to say goodbye to such a precious animal. We’re relieved that she’s no longer in pain and hope that she is pouncing around cougar heaven.



Shana came to us in 2011 with her companion Tigger. Both came from a breeding facility in Indiana and instantly fit in here at PrideRock. Shana was a tough girl and while being one of our smaller tigers, her roar could knock you off your feet. She was a little more on the aggressive side at first, but after losing Tigger, she softened. Our staff enjoyed working with Shana and commented on how she was always a laidback, sweet girl, but don’t you mess with her food.

She enjoyed her time at PrideRock playing soccer and as many know, perching and laying out on her big concrete tube in her pen. Shana passed away in August of 2020 and we will miss her greatly but are at peace knowing she is now with her buddy Tigger.



Tony was 20 years old and lived a great life here at PrideRock, but unfortunately, with old age, comes complications. Recently, Tony had an abscess drained on his shoulder and we learned that this included a tumor. We tried to remain optimistic, but sadly, it was Tony’s time to cross the rainbow bridge.

Tony came to us in 2012 from West Virginia. He was 12 years old at the time and joined us with Tiggy who passed away in 2017. For anyone who came into contact with Tony, you knew instantly how sweet of a boy he was. As Corey has said, “he didn’t know he was a tiger.” Tony rarely growled and was excited to see people. We’re so devastated by his passing, but know that Tony is living it up in tiger heaven.



Loki came to us in 2015 after being rescued from the side of the road by his previous owner. As with many of our residents, his owner’s living space was no longer the best situation for Loki, so he came to live at PrideRock. Loki was a sweet wolf-dog and despite living with several recurring illnesses in terms of hernias and heartworms, he was a happy boy.

After 14 years, Loki passed away in August of 2020 and is now in dog heaven. We will miss him greatly.




Allie was born at PrideRock to Mia in 1998 along with Jake and Ruby, who sadly have passed on. It was a wonderful experience to bottle feed them and raise them in the house with us. We were the first things they saw when they opened their eyes so we were mom and dad. That time was one of the most rewarding of my life and something I’ll always remember. Allie has blessed our lives for many years and has grown into a big beautiful lioness with a wonderful disposition.  She will be forever missed.



Pharaoh was a sweet lion that came to us as a cub from a breeder that had used him in shows. We kept him on the bottle for a long time, which we believe created that strong bond he had to humans and enhanced his sweet personality. We were saddened when we lost our handsome boy in April 2019. Pharaoh is missed every day.



Toro was a shy, beautiful soul who came to us with her siblings, Rowdy and Toro. The three of them taught us everything we know about bears.  We are so grateful for the time we were able to share with her.  Toro passed in the spring of 2019.




We got Sinbad as a young tiger when we lost another beloved male tiger to help our broken hearts heal.  Sinbad filled the void in a big way and went on to live out his life at PrideRock for the next 23 years.  We were just starting our journey at the time so he was with us from the beginning.  He came to be known fondly as Captain Sinbad by friends and volunteers through the years and had a very distinct personality. He had to get to know you before he warmed up much, but then he was full of chuffs.  Sinbad passed away peacefully in May, 2018.  He will always be missed and holds a very special place in our hearts.



Casey was one of four cougar cubs born at PrideRock due to an accidental breeding.  We bottle fed him and his three sisters and bonded strongly with all of them.  We lost his three sisters in recent years so Casey was the last to go after almost 20 years.  He was a special, beautiful boy and could often be found lounging in his hammock or high shelf.  He loved to stalk volunteers but did his share of purring too.  Casey passed away peacefully in July, 2018.  We miss Casey terribly and will always remember those four sweet baby cougars that we hand raised from ten days old.




Cherokee, or Cherry, was a special cougar. She didn’t particularly care for women but bonded immediately with our Operations Manager, Corey. Cherry died peacefully in her sleep March 18. She was 23 years old.



Tiggy arrived in 2013 with Tony from a resort in West Virginia. The two stayed together for the remainder of Tiggy’s life, and after getting used to their new surroundings they settled in happily in their new home. Tiggy passed on April 17th, 2017 at the age of 17.



This big, beautiful boy was with us many years and had quite a story. Some friends had to move him along with all their other exotic cats quickly because of a motorcycle gang that was threatening their safety. Prior to living with them, he had spent the first years of his life in a dark basement not ever knowing what daylight was. Needless to say, we were happy to take him and give him the best possible life with lots of room and plenty of sunshine. He brought us tons of joy through the years, and passed on April 24th, 2017 at the ripe age of 20.



This spectacular lioness crossed over the rainbow bridge in August of 2017. She spent her life with her mate Leo, whom she loved and looked after every day. She could often be found cleaning Leo’s face and showering him with affection. She and Leo came to us from the same location as Tony and Tiggy, and we feel so blessed to have given her a loving home in her later years. She passed at the age of 18, and we and Leo will miss her terribly.



PrideRock Wildlife Refuge lost its 28 year old mama lioness Dec. 14, 2016. She was the mother of Allie and Ruby. Mia lived with Keisha and they spent many hours together lazing in sun, or on their platform. Keisha has been in her den all day since Mia died. Animals grieve too.


Jamu and Kashmir (left to right) were brothers. They spent many days and night by each others’ side. They sometimes argued, like brothers do, but shared ther lives together. Jamu passed over the rainbow Dec. 16.
He was known as our little “conehead” due to the permanent bump on the top of his head. Kash is now alone at PrideRock and our staff and volunteers will do everything to help him through losing his brother. Jamu was 16 years old.


Golden was one of three Exxon Mobile tigers who arrived at PrideRock in 2004.
Golden died January 10 from unknows causes. She arrived with her sisters, Mia and Kelly, who preceded her in death from cancer. She was probably close to 20 years old.

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