In Remembrance of Cleo

Last week we lost a queen. Cleo, our beloved lioness passed away at the age of 18 during an operation to remove a tumor that had formed on her side. We are shocked, saddened, and will miss her more than words can possibly describe. She was so special, and this post will look back at the remarkable animal that was Cleo the lioness.

Cleo arrived with Leo from West Virginia in 2013. Leo and Cleo were incredibly bonded, showering each other with affection at all times of the day. Cleo loved Leo, and was a devoted mate. She watched over his every move and tended to his every need. She could often be found cleaning his face, sometimes to Leo’s disgruntlement, but she was going to take care of him regardless.

Always keeping in close proximity with each other, their love was obvious and infectious. It had made them quick favorites in the PrideRock Facebook community, and this same audience was deeply saddened to hear of her sudden passing. Cleo always wanted to say hello and greet PrideRock staff with her warm copper eyes. She was a sincere lioness with a welcoming and caring spirit. Her personality stood out at PrideRock, and with it she made her way into our hearts.

The unfortunate cause of death was a blood clot that stopped her heart from functioning. Great lengths were taken to revive her by veterinarians, however there was nothing that could be done. This, of course, means that she has left behind her beloved Leo. Big cats, like humans, mourn the loss of loved ones. We have been keeping a watchful eye on him, and are helping him to the best of our abilities get through this tough time. To his core Leo is a happy lion. He is incessantly upbeat, and we believe that his optimistic attitude will help him cope with this loss. We care endlessly for Leo, and we are right by his side in this difficult time.

While losses are always devastating, there is only one thing to do with situations like this. We have to move forward. We make an unbending promise to each animal that we receive; a promise to provide a caring and happy home. Giving our animals a happy and fulfilling life is our purpose. We find solace in the knowledge that Cleo was happy and well cared for in the final years of her life that we were privileged to have her for. She was a positive force, and her impact on this earth was full of care and poise. We can say with complete certainty that there will never be another lioness like Cleo, for unique souls such as hers are truly a special occurrence.

Photos by: Sara Goodnick