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Getting in the Christmas Spirit

, Getting in the Christmas Spirit

Even though PrideRock is not open to the public, Christmas cheer can be found all over the sanctuary. Wreathes, bows, signs, and lights have adorned enclosures and trees, and the animals happily watch this all appear. This tradition of decorating is a time of hope and thankfulness at PrideRock. While it is a celebration of Christmas, it is also a celebration of another successful year rescuing exotic wild animals in need of help. PrideRock has grown so much over the years, and with that growth has come more animals. More animals that never again have to know the stresses and pains of abuse, exhibition, breeding, and being sold for profit. The issue of abused, abandoned, neglected, and confiscated animals needing homes is growing, and we stand beside these creatures that cannot protect themselves.

, Getting in the Christmas Spirit

So in this merry season of hope, love, and thankfulness, we are thankful for you all, our supporters, because it is only through you that we are able to do the work that we get to do each day. Decorating the sanctuary for Christmas finishes the year off in a hopeful and celebratory tone. A tone of cheer, happiness, and care. It’s a wonderful preamble to the coming new year, a year in which there is much to do. Working in animal rescue means that one can never be content, for there will always be room to improve. It is this hunger to be the best home possible for the animals that has created PrideRock as it is today. A peaceful, happy place, where the animals can live in serenity. Everything we do it for them, and they absolutely deserve it.

, Getting in the Christmas Spirit

As the days grow colder and Christmas is rapidly approaching, one can find themselves reflecting on the year that is about to come to a close. It was a good year. PrideRock gained four new residents, Tarzan, Masala, Duna, and Ellie Mae. Along with that, GFAS Verification was received, a huge honor that we have worked very hard for. Giving Tuesday was a success, and we were simply blown away by our caring supporters. Construction on new enclosures began. Looking at all of these Christmas decorations makes you wonder what will there be to reflect on next year when all of these decorations are out again? What exciting events will have unfolded in that time? We are excited to find out, but for now, we will enjoy the rest of this year happy, and thankful for all of the great work our supporters have allowed us to do. Merry Christmas, everyone, and we hope that you all have a safe and happy New Year!

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