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Forward Motion at PrideRock

, Forward Motion at PrideRock

It is an exciting time out at PrideRock Wildlife Refuge. Animals and employees alike are privy to the feeling that a bountiful amount of progress and improvement is just over the horizon. It’s expansion time at PrideRock Wildlife Refuge, and there is nowhere to go but forward.

The bear barn is nearing completion. Having this barn will make a huge difference on the efficiency of feeding, as well as maintaining the quality and freshness of the bear food for longer. Being our only residents that enjoy a diet of fruit, vegetables, and nuts, their food needs to be handled differently than the food of their carnivorous counterparts. Rowdy, Coco, and Toro are definitely going to enjoy the benefits of the new barn, and it is purely through the generosity of the public that we are able to provide the bears such a wonderful new addition.

, Forward Motion at PrideRock

Along with this, North Texas Giving Day is coming. This is a huge day for PrideRock, and it is paramount to the allowance of our expansion goals. For those unaware, North Texas Giving Day is on September 14th, and it is an 18 hour donations extravaganza that powers over 2500 nonprofits in the North Texas region. This day has a tremendous amount of power, and the positive ripple effects left in its wake are vast. PrideRock intends to take part in this day in a big way.

The reason that this day is of such importance is that the enclosures at PrideRock need to be upgraded. We are continuously on a mission to serve our animals to the best of our abilities. Our ambitions are great, and that is derived from our passion to provide the best life for our beautiful residents. We intend on constructing a new state-of-the-art enclosure, and following its construction will be a complete redesign of existing enclosures. The new design will provide the animals with more room, comfort, and interactivity with their new homes.

The excitement is palpable. PrideRock is poised to begin a new chapter in its operations, and we are pursuing it with unending vigor. We hope that our supporters can feel the excitement too, because it is only with them that we can turn our ambitions into a reality. It is projects like this that truly make a difference. There are 30 beautiful animals that we have the privilege to serve, and it is our duty to them to make these plans come to fruition. Banded together this will become a reality, and our residents will be attuned to a new level of comfortability and happiness.  Help us spread the excitement and more will follow, because a good cause can ignite like wildfire if given the breeze to catch flame.

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