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First day of cool weather at PrideRock

, First day of cool weather at PrideRock

Many of us over the past several months have been wishing for cooler weather.We no longer want to drip with sweat when we walk outside and drink a pint or more of water. Our A/C bill will decrease and our plants and grass won’t die.

But we aren’t the only ones who were wishing for a cool down – PrideRock Wildlife Refuge residents were wishing for cooler weather, too. During hot weather, lions and tigers are hotter than you and I are. With their thick skin, fur and manes, the big cats aren’t very active in hot weather. In fact, most of them take shelter from the sun in their cinder block dens that keep them cool or in front of the large fans that automatically come on at 90 degrees. If they can find a way to do both, they do.

Today, August 17, was a tigers dream. After a few days of rain, it is finally a comfortable temperature. It is “enjoy the outdoors” day. PrideRock residents are doing just that. Most of the wildlife are relaxing, enjoying the cool weather. They feel frisky, happy and playful.

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So, while walking around PrideRock grounds on my daily check of the animals, I found lots of cats outside enjoying the fact they are cats. Animals were relaxing on their hammocks, laying on the damp ground with the friends or brothers and sisters, and sitting on their platforms. I heard plenty of friendly chuffs and the lions, well, they are calling several times a day. Once one lion calls or roars, the others follow making a chorus of loud lion vocals.

While on my daily cat check, I found Keisha, one of our lioness, on her back with all four feet sticking straight up in the air. I found tiger sisters Nia and Nikki cooling off on the damp ground, curled up with one another and I found Tiggy, “sitting on the dock of the platform” wastin’ time.

And Leo and Cleo, our married lions, were sharing a moment on their platform as well. And even Casey, our say cougar, was out and about saying hello to all the PrideRock staff. It is nice to see the entire cat instead of just the face that peeks out the den in the midst of a 100 degree weather day. Enjoy the comfortable weather while you can. Winter is just around the corner.

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