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Fall at PrideRock

, Fall at PrideRock

Leaves are falling like gentle rain at PrideRock Wildlife Refuge, and the Texas heat has lessened to lovely crisp days. Winter is not far away. The animals are very rambunctious and happy about the weather change, and the golden autumn light highlights their already spectacular beauty. Thanksgiving has come and gone, and Christmas is around the corner. Spirits are high at PrideRock, and as always, the sanctuary is bustling with activity.

, Fall at PrideRock

We are excited to announce that the new enclosures are underway! The large, state-of-the-art enclosures will house two sets of three sisters. To provide continuous enrichment and fun, 10′ x 3′ pools have been set into the ground for the tigers to spend their days relaxing in. This enclosure will be full of activities for the tigers to employ their natural instincts, and it will keep them fulfilled and happy. We simply cannot wait to release the girls into their new home.

Along with this, Giving Tuesday occurred earlier this week on November 28th, and we are simply thrilled with the results! Our remarkable supporters helped us meet our goal and raise over $10,000. We are blown away and humbled by the care of our donors. It’s breathtakingly beautiful to see what can be accomplished when people band together, and the true beneficiaries are the animals of PrideRock. Their daily care, happiness, and comfort are our number one priority, and successful fundraisers like this one permit us to give them the best life possible. We simply cannot say thank you enough, and we would like our supporters to know that they truly did make a difference in the lives of the PrideRock animals.

, Fall at PrideRock

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