Employee of the Quarter

“I know these people & Carol has loved, worked with & saved animals her whole life. This is her passion,love & purpose! I have made donations here & will continue to. The work they do is not easy & not everyone is cut out for it. It takes a large amount of time, patients & money for this to work.These magnificent animals come to them needing love,attention,medical attention & understanding. Through donations it can continue to flourish & these wonderful beast can live without fear of being abused, or neglected. Honor someone, or in memory of someone by donating or do so because you love animals!!!”
Cindy204, donor, May 2016

October – December 2017, Animal Keeper, Jeremy Hughes

Jeremy Hughes has recently hit his two year anniversary at PrideRock Wildlife Refuge. Since his arrival at PrideRock he has learned so much about the animals and their unique personalities. Jeremy is an animal keeper, so he works in the areas that involve the well being and health of the animals. This includes enclosure cleanings, feedings, providing necessary supplements and vitamins to specific animals, as well as fixing and maintaining equipment and structures around the facility. Jeremy is also a veteran of the United States Army. He returned from Afghanistan and Iraq in 2009 after a tour of 18 straight months as a combat engineer, and we are so thankful for his service! We look forward to another year of his hard work and dedication to the PrideRock animals!

July-September 2017, Public Relations and Development Manager, Macy Frazier

Public Relations and Development Manager Macy Frazier started at PrideRock in May 2017. Macy manages fundraising, donor relations, web content, and social media for PrideRock Wildlife Refuge. She came to us from a career in Corporate America, but she has settled in nicely in the nonprofit world. “This is a job where your efforts truly do change lives. Helping to give these beautiful animals a happy and fulfilling life is what I get to do everyday, and for that I feel so blessed”, Macy says. “With PrideRock being in a time of expansion, I feel so fortunate to be on a team that is providing new homes to such spectacular and complex creatures. Everything at PrideRock is done for the animals, and that has made my job a total joy.”, she continued. We look forward to seeing what all Macy can accomplish for PrideRock Wildlife Refuge!

April-June 2017, Ops Manager Corey Allison

PrideRock Operations Manager Corey Allison is our choice for Employee of the Quarter for April-June 2017. Corey began working at PrideRock in 2011 as a keeper. Since then Corey has proven to be able to handle anything including dealing with sick and injured animals, administering medications or emergency care, as well as teaching and mentoring volunteers, interns and new staff members. Corey works six days a week and is on call the rest of the time he is not here.  “Keeping our cats and other wildlife species healthy and happy is my number one priority,” Corey says. “And my team and I love being a part of helping others pursue the same rewarding career path that we are on.”  PrideRock Wildlife Refuge is always growing and making future plans and Corey is a big part of when, where and how that expansion takes place.  Thank you Corey for all you do, your efforts do not go unnoticed.

Intern of the Quarter, Taylor Bankston, January-March 2017

Taylor rakes fallen leaves and debris while cleaning an empty cat enclosure.

Taylor, a little leery about holding a snake, finally gets up the nerve to take on the challenge.

Taylor mixed up the meat in the morning before feeding time.

Taylor Bankston of Burleson, Texas, has been a PrideRock Wildlife Refuge inten since February 2016.  She is facing the end of her internship February 2017 and will pursue a career working with big cats. Taylor graduated from Tarlton State University in December 2015 with a Bachelor’s degree in Biology with a concentration in wildlife. Taylor says the best things about interning at PrideRock are being close to the gorgeous animals and hearing the lions roar at night while living in the on-site intern house. Taylor traveled to South Africa for 28 days in June and July 2016 where she spent two weeks at the Ann Van Dyke Cheetah Center and spend time at a rehabilitation center with giraffe, zebra and elephants. Taylor plans on returning to African but doen’st know when. As an intern at PrideRock, Taylor fed the animals, raked and cleaning the animal enclosures, mopped the kitchen floor, disinfected the countertops and washed the feeding pans. She also went on meat and vegetable runs, assisted in facility maintenance and took part in every opportunity presented to her. Taylor will be missed by staff, volunteers and the cats, bears and other residents here at the refuge. Good luck Taylor!

July-September 2016, Keeper Jim DeCourley

Jim DeCourley is this month’s Employee of the Quarter for July – September 2016. Jim has a Navy background having been a Navy diver as well as a sonar technician, specifically on nuclear submarines.

Jim has been with PrideRock now several months and his passion is bears, which lucky for him, we acquired some black bears last Fall after having primarily big cats for over 20 years. He is now Rowdy, Coco and Toro’s primary caretaker and maintains their facilities while giving them lots of TLC. He is also responsible for their diets and nutrition and manages to make sure the get lots of treats like nutter butter cookies, peanut brittle and honey on weekends. I think they love him as much as he loves them. Jim works hard to make sure these special bears are given lots of love and attention and the best possible lives, and we are glad that he has found his place with us at PrideRock!