Book a youth presentation and receive a free subscription to our Kids Club.

Civic groups, churches, ladies clubs, etc.
Does your civic group, church, ladies club or other organization need a speaker to talk about a fascinating and not often talked about subject? If so, contact PriderRock’s Media Relations Specialist Robyn Wheeler. Robyn speaks about why PrideRock exists, how you can help the diminishing numbers of big cats in the wild and about the big cat crisis in America. Robyn will also talk about the long-term financial and emotional commitment involved in running a wildlife sanctuary.

Fees for non-profit organizations:

  • free of charge however, donations are requested and greatly appreciated.

To schedule a date and time for a PrideRock PowerPoint presentation, contact Robyn at (972) 345-8544 or

Children’s Educational Programs

PrideRock Wildlife Refuge will come to your school, youth group, library or scout troop. No, we can’t bring live animals but we can bring plenty of other items. Among our visual aids are 2′ X 3′ full color posters of each species of animal at the sanctuary, many toys we give to our cats and even some whiskers and fingernails that have fallen out. We also have audio aids including recordings of lions roaring, wolves howling and bears, well, making noises. Your students will learn why PrideRock exists, how our animals got here and even have an opportunity to make a donation to help out the sanctuary.

Pubic Schools and Day Cares

  • your choice of flat fee or asking children to donate their coins for a brief period. The classroom that donates the most change will receive a prize for all of the children in the classroom.
  • If the above is not an option due to company guidelines, presentations are $250.

Libraries, scouts, etc.

  • $250 per presentation

It’s a roaring good time!


Since PrideRock cannot bring a live animal to your facility, children will be asked to identify wildlife species from several 2′ X 3′ posters including a wolf, lion, tiger, hyena, bears and cougar. Each animal will be briefly talked about.


This dirty barrel that looks like it has been through a war, is actually a toy. Yep, we have large cats and they need large toys. Will will also bring a few other toys that will amaze your students.

Whiskers & Nails

Among other visual aids include real whiskers and finger nails from our tigers, real mane hair from PrideRock lions and recording of howling wolves, roaring lions and well, bear noises, too.
To book a presentation, contact Robyn Wheeler at (972) 345-8544 or