“I have worked for PrideRock Wildlife Refuge for over 8 years. I have visited and studied at other facilities near and far, and PrideRock is where I  call home. I  believe in Gary and Carol’s mission to retire these animals in peace and give them the best care we possibly can for the rest of their lives. It’s not easy work, but we’ve dedicated our lives to it, and we won’t give up as long as there are animals left to be rescued.”

Corey Allison, PrideRock Operations Manager, April 2019

How to Donate

After 20+ years PrideRock Wildlife Refuge, with your support, continues its Labor of Love to provide the best possible care for its residents. We are passionately committed to our efforts and couldn’t do it without the generous support of all the wonderful donors that have so generously opened their hearts and lives to walk this path with us. Below are some ways we invite you to join us in our mission to continue this very important work.

Support PrideRock by simply shopping online!

Help us raise funds by shopping normally online and making purchases at over 1,400 online retail stores. This won’t cost you any more money for your purchases and the retailer will designate a portion of your purchase to our cause. It’s that simple!

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