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Community Service

“I have volunteered at PrideRock Wildlife Refuge for almost two years and all I can say is this place is my home away from home. The owners, staff and most importantly the residents (the cats) are all a total joy. PrideRock is a very special and loving place for all of those that are in need of rescue and finding permanent living, a forever home. I do the photo’s for the FB page and find so much joy in doing this to share the cats beauty and maintain a closed to the public facility. Closed to the public is sooo beneficial to the cats. Their beauty is to be shared and the public gains knowledge of how these big cats can be exploited and basically tossed away when they no longer make money in the entertainment industry or individuals can no longer care for their Big fluffy pet. That’s why PrideRock is here, they provide a place, a life and safety for all of those in need of rescue. I hope to Volunteer for PrideRock for many, many years to come. It’s absolutely a little piece of heaven. I LOVE THOSE BIG CATS!”
Annette Creekmore, volunteer, Jan. 2015
“It has been an adventure of passion and love which has awakened our souls and has become a part of us,” Carol and Gary Holliman, owners of PrideRock Wildlife Refuge.


​If you are at least 18 years of age and need community service hours for your school, county or state, please consider doing them at PrideRock!
Projects will vary by season and projects in progress at the time.
Some projects might include cleaning enclosures, raking leaves, mowing and working in flower beds, cleaning pools, painting, habitat upkeep and construction.

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