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Building Stuff at PrideRock Wildlife Rescue

, Building Stuff at PrideRock Wildlife Rescue

PrideRock’s fantastic staff and interns are constantly repairing broken/old items and/or building new facilities. Most wouldn’t imagine the many chores that need to be done around the sanctuary but our crew is always working. After feeding and cleaning enclosures, and mopping and sterilizing the kitchen, the odd-job work begins. Here’s a few photos of our crew hard at work making PrideRock
the excellent facility it is today.

, Building Stuff at PrideRock Wildlife Rescue

PrideRock teams work during the hot, sweaty summer and the cold, freezing winter. They are a rough and tumble crew who give it their all to make PrideRock the best wildlife sanctuary ever. They are dedicated, knowledgeable who will do anything for the animals!

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