Arm the Animals

“I am so thankful for people like Gary and Carol that care so much for God’s special creations. They give so much of their time and devotion to their animals. Priderock is a top notched facility and the animals are reflect the love and respect they are shown by their happiness. Places like Priderock are so vital to our world and to the survival of these awesome creatures. Priderock Rocks !!!”
teegee25, member of the general public, Oct. 2013

PrideRock is partners with Arm The Animals, a company which helps animal rescue charities through selling apparels.
Fashion, Activism, Attitude

Finch Fight Collection

Arm The Animals create unique, witty, thought-provoking T-shirts & apparel, and donate a portion of the proceeds to animal rescue organizations. This all be done with two very ambitious, long-term goals: to positively affect the lives of millions of animals while defining a new aesthetic for animal advocates across the globe.
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