Animal Communications Workshop held at PrideRock

Andrea explains about the animals mind, Chakras, remote healing and wellness basics.

According to, Andrea Sobotka, affectionately known as “Critter Doc,” connects with animals on all realms for wellness and understanding. Andrea provides holistic healing, wellness, and a voice between you and your beloved pets. Andrea is an author, speaker, radio talk show guest and in her spare time, she is a trained wildlife medic and rehabber in Arizona.

Andrea held an Animal Communications workshop at PrideRock Wildlife Refuge March 25. A dozen attendees received a notebook, pen, pendulum, workbook, and training on sending and receiving energy messages, how to use a pendulum to test energy centers of the body, and listening to your natural talent and instincts. Attendees enjoyed a sack lunch on PrideRock grounds and afterward, a hot meal at Carmona’s Restaurant for storytelling and visiting with other attendees. Workshop topics included the mind of an animal, the Chakra system, and remote healing and wellness basics.

Andrea comes to PrideRock annually to work with the exotic animals and hold a workshop for others who want to learn more about animal  communications. To learn more about Andrea’s work and how to attend a workshop, go to www.

Andrea leads the group in pendulum work.
A student programs a pendulum during the workshop.
Two workshop students enjoys a sack lunch on the beautiful grassy area at PrideRock Wildlife Refuge.
The Animal Communications Workshop ended with storytelling and dinner at a local restaurant. Students were able to tell the group about an interaction with a particular animal that changed their life.