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Additions to

, Additions to

With the new look of the PrideRock website came a bunch of additions as well. For instance, the PrideRock website now has a membership page, for those who wish to become Silver, Gold or Platinum members; a Partner’s page for those who donate goods and service to PrideRock; and a Gift Shop filled with big cat items like purses, coin bags and more, as well as a Zazzle store, where you can shop for mugs, shirts, gift bags and more.

, Additions to
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PrideRock has also started a Kids Club. For a $50 monthly donation, your child can download monthly worksheets, games, crafts and activities. He or she will also receive a one time packet including an 8″ X 10″ photo of a PrideRock animal, a gift shop item, a sheet of stickers, an animal facts card and access to our Kids Page.

For that special occasion or just any time, PrideRock residents will send a letter to your child and a photo of the animal they correspond with. Select a PrideRock resident, include a letter to that animal and $10, and the animal you wrote to will write you back. It’s great fun and with email, texting and computers, kids will be thrilled to receive a letter in the mail!
Got pesky varmints? If your yard, garden or home is being invaded by squirrels, rabbits, deer, feral pigs, skunks, raccoon or other critters, you need some tiger poop! Yes, tiger poop and coincidentally, PrideRock happens have massive amounts of the sticky stuff. It seems, most rodents and other small animals hate the smell of cat scat. So, not only does it make great fertilizer, it will also ward off all those pesky critters ruining your garden, beautiful flowers and shrubs.

Want to help the cats play everyday? Go to the Wildlife Toy Box page to check out all the great, unique and fascinating toys our cats, bears and other wildlife will totally love. They have back scratchers, jolly balls, wobble balls, teeter tunnels, looky-lou feeders and more.


Thank you for visiting We appreciate your support and the cats are grateful as well.

For further information about our website, contact Robyn Wheeler at (972) 345-8544 or

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