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8 Ways To Give Back To The Residents At PrideRock

, 8 Ways To Give Back To The Residents At PrideRock

Unlike other wildlife refuges, PrideRock is a private facility. We don’t profit off of ticket sales, live animal encounters, or concessions because we are not open to the public. Specifically, because we believe that our animals deserve to live out the rest of their lives in peace. However, we are still a non-profit that relies on donors like you to keep PrideRock running smoothly and more importantly in perfect shape for our residents.

Do you want to get involved to help our cause but aren’t exactly sure how? Check out this list of 8 Ways To Give Back To The Residents At PrideRock.

1. Adopt An Animal

, 8 Ways To Give Back To The Residents At PrideRock

Are you a loyal PrideRock follower and know our residents by name? Think about virtually “adopting” one of our animals. For $100/monthly or single payment of $1,200 to cover a year, you will be donating to your animal’s food, vet bills and enrichment. Plus, adopters will receive an 8″ x 10″ full-color glossy photo of their animal and a Certificate of Adoption.

Learn more here.

2. Purchase a PrideRock/Rustic Ember Candle

, 8 Ways To Give Back To The Residents At PrideRock

These hand-poured soy candles smell wonderful and we’re thrilled to have created a “PrideRock Wildlife candle” to Rustic Ember’s mix. When you buy one of these candles, 30% will go back to PrideRock.

Shop the PrideRock candle at Rustic Ember today!

3. Check Out Our Amazon Wishlist


, 8 Ways To Give Back To The Residents At PrideRockFor those who weren’t aware, we have an ongoing “Wishlist” on Amazon of products that help us with maintenance at PrideRock. Simple products like carts, cleaning supplies, scoopers, and cat toys are items that we are always in need of and could use your help!

If you’re looking for a way to help us with our mission, improve our refuge, and want to know 100% what your money went toward, think about donating from our wishlist here.

4. Donate Your Spare Change / Give Back While You Shop


, 8 Ways To Give Back To The Residents At PrideRock

Do you buy a lot of your day-to-day items on Amazon? Think about adding PrideRock as your charity of choice through Amazon Smile. With every purchase you make, Amazon will make a donation to PrideRock Wildlife Refuge.

Not a big Amazon shopper? Think about donating some of your change each month.

Introducing “Round-Ups” an easy way to donate your spare change. By linking your debit or credit card to our donation software, you can opt-in to rounding up your purchases to the nearest dollar. For example, if you spend $10.59 at Walmart, your purchase will be rounded up to $11 and $0.41 will be donated to PrideRock! It’s that simple, and we greatly appreciate anything that you can give!

5. Include PrideRock In Your Will / Setup A Living Trust

, 8 Ways To Give Back To The Residents At PrideRockDid you know that you can create a charitable trust to benefit your favorite nonprofit? A charitable trust is an irrevocable trust into which the grantor deposits cash, securities, real property, jewelry, art or other assets. These assets remain in the trust while the grantor is alive, and the grantor may manage the assets such as buying or selling securities and real estate. The assets deposited or purchased in the trust remain in the trust and income may be distributed to charities and other non-profit organizations.

The easiest way to create a charitable trust is to contact a major life insurance company, financial services company, or investment management company and let them know you want PrideRock Wildlife to be part of your will. These services assure the correct establishment of the trust and provide reporting and disbursement services as well as asset management and charity evaluation. Of course, the easiest way is to name PRWR as a beneficiary under the terms of your will.

6. Volunteer


, 8 Ways To Give Back To The Residents At PrideRock

If you live locally here in East Texas, think about volunteering at PrideRock. The opportunities PrideRock provides for volunteer work are important to our mission of providing the best possible environment for our animals. If you don‘t mind hard, dirty work in extreme weather conditions and love big cats, then this is the place for you. There are ways to get involved both at the facility and off-site. Learn more here.

7. Shop Our Giftshop


, 8 Ways To Give Back To The Residents At PrideRock

Our online store has animal gear ranging from bags and water bottles to t-shirts and even face masks. We’re always adding new gear and love to hear your feedback on items you’d be interested in purchasing.

Remember, the proceeds we receive from our shop, go directly to our animals.

8. Make A Good Ol’ Fashion Donation

, 8 Ways To Give Back To The Residents At PrideRock

After 20+ years, PrideRock Wildlife Refuge, with your support, continues its labor of love to provide the best possible care for its residents. We are passionately committed to our efforts and couldn’t do it without the generous support of all the wonderful donors that have so generously opened their hearts and lives to walk this path with us. Whether you choose to do a one-time donation or monthly recurring donation, we are so grateful for your support.

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  • Deborah Parmley

    Reply June 25, 2021 1:15 am

    I received your letter today and go on your website to read about your facility. Y’all do so much work for these big cats. Unfortunately I live on social security and pay mortgage, utilities, etc. from this income. That being said, I would be happy to volunteer to work with these beautiful animals. Just let me know what I can do. Thanks.

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