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“We lose ourselves in the things we love, we find ourselves there too”

Nia, Niki, and Nallah

Nallah & Nia - PrideRock Nia - PrideRock
Nikki - PrideRock
Nia & Nallah - PrideRock

Lovingly known as the “N Sisters”, these three girls came to us several years ago from a breeder who used them in shows as cubs. Nia is white with blue eyes and all three are very sweet and love attention.


Simbad - PrideRock

Sinbad took the space of a beloved tiger that we lost many years ago and helped mend our broken hearts. It was a rainy night, but our world became much brighter with his arrival and he has now been with us for many years and continues to enrich our lives.


Golden - PrideRock Golden - PrideRock

Golden was one of three sisters that came from California and had been used in the entertainment industry. Sadly, her two sisters, Kelly and Mia both passed away from cancer within a short time of each other, and we pray that we have Golden for a long time.

Jamu and Kashmir

Jamu - PrideRock Kashmir - PrideRock

Jamu and Kashmir and two precious, loving brothers who came to us as young cubs covered in ringworm. We worked day in and day out to rid them of it and their striped skin was finally covered in fur again. They have become beautiful, huge tigers that will lick your hands raw and chuff in your ear over and over.


Elijah - PrideRock

Elijah is one of our youngest tigers just turning three. He was still on the bottle when we got him and we kept him on it until he started wanting to play with the bottle more than drink the milk. He was huge as a baby and we knew he would one day be the biggest boy we have and he has proved us right. He is a handsome boy to say the least with a wonderful temperament.

Bagherra and Kumal

Bagherra - PrideRock Kumal - PrideRock

These two boys came from a friend who uses cats in the entertainment business and offered them to us when we had some extra room after losing two of ours to cancer. They quickly won a place in our hearts and at PrideRock. Kumal is one of the youngest at three and white with beautiful blue eyes and Bagherra is nine and is full of personality. So happy to have these two!

Mia and Keisha

Mia & Keisha - PrideRock

Mia is approximately 25 years old and has quite a story! We rescued her from a guy whom she attacked through his own negligence and human error, and unbeknownst to us she was pregnant at the time. We were blessed with three cubs, which we still have, and every day with her is a blessing since she has probably already outlived herself.

We got Keisha as a cub and she has always been our little “tank”, strong and stout! She would rather roar than anything and will always let you know who is boss. She is now up in years, but going strong.


Pharaoh - PrideRock

Pharaoh is a sweet lion that came as a cub from a breeder that had used him in shows. We kept him on the bottle for a long time and interacted heavily with him, thus his strong bond to humans and sweet personality. He is still a very handsome boy.


Shana - PrideRock

Shana came about three years ago from the East coast with her companion, Tigger, who very sadly, we lost recently from a crippling disease. I’m sure she misses him as much as we do. She has gotten some new neighbors, which hopefully keep her occupied. She is a beautiful girl.

Katie, Willow and Sasha

Shasha & Katie - PrideRock
Katie & Willow - PrideRockSasha - PrideRockWillow - PrideRock

These three girls are our newest residents and youngest at about eight months old. They are absolutely adorable and full of energy and spunk. They have brought us endless joy with their chuffs and need for attention and seem to love everyone that comes near them. We are so blessed to have them in our lives.

Jake, Ruby and Allie

Jake - PrideRock
Ruby & Allie - PrideRock

These three lions are the three that were born here at PrideRock to Mia in 1998. It was a wonderful experience to bottle feed them and raise them in the house with us. We were the first things they saw when they opened their eyes so we were mom and dad. That time was one of the most rewarding of my life and something I’ll always remember. They have now blessed our lives for many years and have grown into big beautiful lions with wonderful dispositions and love humans.


Rambo - PrideRock

This big, beautiful boy has been with us many years and had quite a story. Some friends had to move him along with all their other exotic cats quickly because of a motorcycle gang that was threatening their safety. Prior to living with them, he had spent the first years of his life in a dark basement not ever know what daylight was. Needless to say, we were happy to take him and give him the best possible life with lots of room and plenty of sunshine. He has brought us tons of joy through the years.

Tiggy and Tony

Tiggy - PrideRock Tony - PrideRock

Tiggy and Tony are new residents having been brought from West Virginia last year from another facility that was going to be closing. It took a little time for them to adapt, especially to the summer heat, but they have now settled in. 

Leo and Cleo

Leo & Cleo - PrideRockLeo & Cleo - PrideRock
Cleo - PrideRockLeo - PrideRockCleo - PrideRock

Leo and Cleo, a pair of lions, were also brought from the same facility in West Virginia as Tony and Tiggy. They are a very close pair and spend most of their time snuggled up to each other. We have gotten so many good pictures of them as they are very photogenic. They are so sweet and love attention from each other and humans alike.


Cherokee - PrideRock Cherokee - PrideRock

Cherokee is an elderly cougar that we have had for many years. She was rescued from a man that had gotten ill and could no longer keep her and was her primary caregiver. Apparently, she never was around women much because she has never warmed up to women, but loves men. She has slowed down a lot and has arthritis in her joints. Every day is a blessing with her.

Catrina, Chelsea and Casey

Chelsea & Catrina - PrideRock Casey - PrideRock

These three sweet cats have been with us since 1999 and have brought us mega joy! Casey is more laid back, while Chelsea and Catrina have personality plus. Their favorite place to be is either on their high shelf looking down on the world or swinging in their firehose hammock. It is easy to get lost in their beautiful eyes.


Zoe - PrideRock

Zoe is a favorite cougar at PrideRock. She has a wonderful personality and loves attention. She has been here for several years now, but is still one of the younger residents. She is a beautiful cat and a lot of people think the cougars are the prettiest of all the cats.

Shasta and Lexie

Shasta - PrideRock Lexie - PrideRock

Shasta and Lexie were cougars obtained from a facility in Oklahoma last year after a rescue. Shasta was overweight and arthritic, but has since lost some weight and seems to be feeling better. Lexie is a feisty, younger cougar that is sleek and stealth and will sneak up on you when you’re not watching. They are very different, but in a pen together and seem to get along great. We fell in love with both of them the minute they arrived!

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