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"... What we have enjoyed, we can never lose ... all that we love deeply becomes a part of us."

Our volunteers for January 2015 are Chrissy & Cas Snider

 Chrissy Snider - Volunteer of the month at PrideRock

Chrissy Snider, here is her story:

“9 months ago we moved to Wills Point Texas and I graduated from an ITP (Interpreter Training Program) for ASL (American Sign Language). Moving two hours away from all of my friends and all I had been involved in, I set out to fulfill a lifetime dream. I had always wanted to work with big cats but I had never been in a location where it was feasible. Being so close to Wills Point and having a wonderful friend that volunteers at PR named Annette I reached out to start the volunteer process.

Carol & Gary are doing a magical soul serving thing at PR and the love they have for these souls is profound, I am humbled, and grateful they allowed me into the fold. My first day there was literally a dream come true. I opened the door to my truck and “Happy” this gorgeous soul was waiting for me. I have been blessed to be out at PrideRock for the last five months and it never gets old! There is never a job to dirty because for me this is all about the cats and doing everything I possibly can to enrich the lives of all these magnificent souls, since they all do that for me! Every morning since I started “Happy” waits for me and always is grateful for an ear rub/body scratch, & treat.

 Chrissy Snider 2 - Volunteer of the month at PrideRock

I cannot pick a favorite Cat because they are all amazing in their own way and personality! I do know that when I take a min here and there I tend to migrate to Eli, Pharaoh, Rambo, Willow, Sasha, Katie. One of the best times here so far was when Cas and Corey finished a special hammock for our girl Cherokee which is a beautiful cougar. That was a proud moment to really be making a difference. I look forward to the next chapter of PrideRock and I am just beyond honored to be there! No matter what kind of a day you are having or how dirty you are one chuff makes it all go away, and at PR there are not any shortages in chuffs!"


 Cas Snider - Volunteer of the month at PrideRock

Cas Snider, here is his story:

"Five months ago my wife was able to start living a longtime dream of volunteering for big cats. She came home one day all excited that someone had donated fire hoses and she wanted to make a special hammock that was low on the ground so Cherokee could use it. Since we have been married for almost 16 years and have known each other for over twenty years the translation was “here Cas build this”! So the hammock project began. Then she comes home talking about the waterfall with the N Sisters is not working.

 Cas Snider 2 - Volunteer of the month at PrideRock

I work for Microsoft and when I am not working I liked doing projects that are hands on and creative, So after spending time helping Corey fix the waterfall I went back to the hammock project. We brought everything together up to PR and Corey and I was able to get it knocked out. That was my proudest moment there, carrying it into her enclosure and watching her climb on it was worth it all! I work full time but when I am able I love to do these special projects and will continue as long as Gary, Carol, & Corey keeps saying yes!"

We are so grateful to Chrissy and Cas and all they do for PrideRock and hope they will be a part of the PrideRock family for many years to come. We are proud to name them as volunteers of the month for January! Thank you from the bottom of our paws Chrissy and Cas!!!

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