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About PrideRock Wildlife Refuge

PrideRock Wildlife Refuge is a safe haven for Big Cats that have been abused, abandoned, confiscated or that can no longer be properly cared for by their previous owners for whatever reason. The Refuge is located on 9 acres, thirty miles east of Dallas in Kaufman county, Texas.

PrideRock is a non-profit corporation and a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt publicly supported organization.

The Refuge is operated by Gary and Carol Holliman and is currently home to approximately 27 big cats, a couple of wolf dogs, and several dogs that have been left on our road.


The PrideRock mission

Big cats were never intended to be pets, as that term is commonly used, and often attempting that endeavor ends in tragedy for either the owner, the cat, or both.

The PrideRock Mission is to prevent cruelty to animals by keeping a solemn promise we make to each animal that is accepted, that this will be their final and permanent home for the remainder of their lives.  A committment that has long term economic and personal implications.



The PrideRock story

PrideRock originated as the home for us and our various four legged family members back in 1992. Situated on 9 acres of land east of Dallas, Texas, PrideRock is now home to approximately 27 big cats, a couple of remaining wolf dogs, down from a pack of 19, and numerous dogs that have been dumped on our road over the last few years.


A Typical day

In the beginning both, Carol and Gary worked in downtown Dallas and shared in the care and feeding of the PrideRock animals. Their day would start around 6:30 a.m.. Gary making his morning visit to all the animals to say good morning, pick up any pans that might be left out for the early morning eaters, and make sure everyone is set for the day.


Frequently Asked Questions

You can find answers to commonly-asked questions about PrideRock Wildlife Refuge on our Frequently Asked Questions page.


  • Captive Cats in Cages

    One of the most common comments we hear from concerned animal lovers is that it is terrible that these animals have to spend the rest of their lives in cages. We certainly understand how they could feel like they do without knowing the complete facts, but fortunately for the cats, it is not like this at all. We do agree that it is tragic for a great cat captured from the wild to then have to spend the rest of its life in a cage. However, it is not the same thing for a cat born in captivity.


  • Donate

    Please give what you can. Every dollar helps us save and care for rescued and abused big cats. Use your credit card to pay through PayPal. You can also make your donation by check made payable to: PRIDEROCK, and mailed to: PrideRock Wildlife Refuge, P.O. Box 1594, Terrell, Texas 75160.