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"... What we have enjoyed, we can never lose ... all that we love deeply becomes a part of us."

Our volunteer for December is Annette Creekmore

 Annette Creekmore - Volunteer of the month at PrideRock

Annette Creekmore is our Volunteer of the Month for December. She is an amazing, energetic, hard working woman full of love for the cats and a huge supporter of our mission at PrideRock. She is also the photographer behind all the amazing pictures you see on PrideRock’s Facebook page. We are so fortunate and blessed to have Annette as part of our PrideRock family. Here is her story:

“I am a retired Administrative Assistant/Secretary, and Granny to 5 awesome grandson's.

I live in Frisco, Texas and driving out to PrideRock is one of my favorite things to do! Every week I make the drive to one of the most awesome opportunities I've ever experienced. From the moment I reach the front entry of PrideRock I am in awe of the beauty and peace that surrounds this little piece of heaven and all of its purposes of why it's here and complete admiration and respect to the Hollimans for creating this caring, loving space for those in need of a forever home.

I have always loved big cats and now have had the opportunity to volunteer going on 4 years now. These bigger than life characters absolutely light up my life, and I hope to do this for many more years. I miss them when I’m not there and even while on vacation, they really do become family. Being accepted as part of the pack so to say, and loving and caring for them, still to this day I have to pinch myself, this is real, I've been blessed to have such an opportunity. It's an honor!

When I first started at PrideRock it was amazing to see the peace and quality of life the residents have not being open to the public, It’s wonderful they get to live in retirement! I've always wanted to be a photographer but didn't always have the available time to dedicate to classes etc. PrideRock has a FB page and I know nothing about it other than my personal page, so I asked if we could post more and show the fans more of these beautiful residents and will gladly take photo's of the antic's and daily lives and share that. Well, I'm having a blast needless to say! You just can't take a bad pic when you have this kind of beauty in a lense <3

Favorite critter's - UGH! That's hard to answer when you love everyone! I love caring for Tony, Tiggy, Leo and Cleo. They have my heart, they try to help me by chasing the broom or rake from the other side of the enclosure and chuffs and silliness that comes from this group is priceless. But there is one character that steals my heart and that is Bagherra <3 <3 <3. This cat is a mess, he talks and will carry on a long conversation and I mean conversation! His big front paws and his gorgeous face, he makes direct eye contact with you and he's answering your questions and remarks with expressions that no one can imagine from a tiger. Bagherra is a big cat, he looks like he's wearing a big baggy striped suit! My favorite lionesses, Ruby and Allie, they crack me up, they have plans, big plans and know how to work it. I know these two scheme for attention and it works every time! Bleu Bear and Jenny - sweet, sweet, sweet and lots of fun to romp in the yard with. I also miss Little Bit, when she was still with us it was so much fun to sit next to her enclosure and howl, she really seemed to get a kick out of that, she'd howl back - beautiful wolf girl.”

Thank you Annette, for being a treasured friend and volunteer!!

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