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Tiggy, Tony, Leo and Chloe

Tiggy Tony Leo Chloe

Tiggy, Tony (tigers), Leo and Chloe (lions) came from a park in West Virginia that was having to part with the exotic animals. Gary had to make two trips because our trailer would only hold two cats so he spent about three days of travel each time. Long, hard trips but definitely worth it to get them back to Texas to start their lives with us at PrideRock. They have settled in and have much more room and seem very happy and are already very loved! They are ready for some cooler weather though. :-)


Shasta and Lexi

Shasta Lexie

Shasta and Lexie were rescues from an Oklahoma park who had rescued them and had to place them as well as many others. Shasta is old and has some arthritic joints and needs to lose weight! Lexie is a young, very feisty girl. Maybe she will try to keep him more active. At least the drive to Oklahoma wasn't far, but they were still ready to get out of the transport cages and into their new habitats. They too, are doing great and have adjusted well together and at PrideRock.