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pr success sistersIn early 2004, PrideRock was given the opportunity to receive three very special, two year old tiger sisters named Nia, Nallah, and Nikita (Niki for short). These three young tigers were owned by an USDA exhibitor and were former educational exhibition cats. They had reached an age where it was time to split them up and place them in zoos, but the exhibitor decided to offer PrideRock the option to take all three.

After careful consideration, having known these three girls since they were young cubs, we decided to accept them so they could stay together and live in a more loving environment than zoo life would have provided.

The "N" sisters are all three heterozygous tigers, which mean they all carry the recessive gene that can produce a white tiger. Obviously, Nia is a white tiger, but her two orange sisters also carry the same recessive gene. In fact, Niki actually has blue in her eyes which is very rare for a orange tiger.

A beautiful pen was built and donated for them by a very generous company that includes a waterfall and pool which they enjoy immensely. It is heartwarming to watch them have so much fun!